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3 Things to Check If Your AC Stops Working

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3 Things to Check When Your AC is Not Working

3 Things to Check If Your AC Stops Working

Summer in Utah can be hard on your home’s air conditioning system. The heat takes a toll, and your air conditioner can’t keep up.

You begin to wonder; does it need to be replaced or repaired?

Before you throw out your old unit or schedule an AC repair appointment, here are 3 things you can check if your air conditioner stops working:

#1: Check the Breakers

If the HVAC breaker in your home trips, it will prevent your AC from turning on, which will make your home uncomfortable as the temperature rises.

Before you call an HVAC technician, check your breaker box to confirm the AC breaker has not been tripped.

Check the AC breaker

#2: Check the Thermostat

If the thermostat is not receiving power, there could be a wiring issue, or the batteries may need to be replaced.

If your thermostat requires batteries to operate, try replacing them before calling a technician.

#3: Check the Filter

Dirty filters make it difficult for your air conditioner to keep your home cool because of reduced air flow through the system. Clogged filters can also decrease the life of your AC unit and increase your energy costs.

Don’t wait until your AC stops working to check your air filters. Set yourself a reminder for at least every 3 months to replace them.

You Have a Partner in Western

Any of these simple inspections can save you time and money. But if you perform each check and your air conditioner is still on the fritz, give us a call! We are here to help.

For fast, reliable heating & cooling service you can trust – You Have a Partner in Western.

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Grateful To Our Clients Thank You Utah!
Courtenay Stevens
Courtenay Stevens
20:36 23 Feb 22
Tyler and Carter were efficient, helpful, and courteous. They walked us through our new system and explained everything so we could use and maintain the system after they left. Great experience!
Forrest Hale
Forrest Hale
17:26 04 Feb 22
Devante did a good job. I would recommend him.
JB Graham
JB Graham
21:00 03 Feb 22
Brady and LT (and the entire Western Heating & Air Team) have been amazing through a less than ideal scenario. Our outdoor unit with our ductless system was having issues and completely went down on two occasions. Once they figured out the issue, they got a warranty claim in process and quickly got the new unit installed (Brady and LT are true professionals and pros at what they do). Our family feels in good hands with Western Heating and Air, and appreciate all the compassion and hard work to help us through this less than ideal scenario with the problems we had with the outdoor unit. THANK YOU!
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