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Our Technician’s aren’t for everyone

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Our Technicians aren’t for everyone

Finding good HVAC technicians is hard nowadays.

You waste money if you pay for an overpriced technician.

You waste time and money if you pay too little for an under-trained technician.

We get it, it’s a tough balance to strike- that’s why here at Western we do our best to price ourselves competitively.

We keep our prices as low as we can while still getting training from the best in the industry.

To be honest, our prices end up somewhere in the middle of most HVAC companies.

And while we may not be the cheapest, we manage to be the best (without being the most expensive) 

And if you’re ever wondering if the extra cost is worth it, just realize you’re paying for more than parts and labor.

Your money goes towards high-caliber training, rather than just our owner’s wallet (at least when you work with Western).

Here at Western our technicians receive or complete the

But, like I said, we’re not for everyone. 

So if you’re someone who wants to find the balance between quality and cost, give us a call at (801) 218-2187.

Hope this helps,

Western Heating + Air

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Grateful To Our Clients Thank You Utah!
Brandon Kirk
Brandon Kirk
19:38 23 Sep 21
Easton was on time, very informative and personable. Western has never let us down with our different situations and houses we've had through the years.
Debbie Manning
Debbie Manning
23:55 22 Sep 21
Easton represented Western Heating and Air very well. He was thorough, patient, knowledgeable and answered my questions to my satisfaction. I did not feel any pressure from him to purchase new equipment.
KN Jensen
KN Jensen
16:04 17 Sep 21
They were professional, helpful, and knowledgeable. I will definitely keep using them. 💚
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