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The Only Thing Sweeter Than Homemade BBQ Sauce

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The Only Thing Sweeter Than Homemade BBQ Sauce

This week is sweet and simple…

Kinda like the homemade bbq sauce that I’m about to whip up.

Western Heating + Air is grateful.

Grateful for everyone who has worked…

Grateful for everyone who has sacrificed…

Grateful for everyone who has died…

All for our freedom.

We are especially grateful for any and all who have served in the armed forces (and their families).

Here at Western, we strive to bring comfort to families any way we can- usually by keeping you cool throughout the Summer.

But cool, clean air in your home wouldn’t mean much without the beautiful freedoms we have in our country.

And who do we have to thank? THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of brave people who have fought for and defended those freedoms.

We are even blessed enough to have a technician who served in the U.S. Army, Wesley. We’re thankful for all he’s done for our business, and more importantly, our country.

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We hope you enjoy your Independence Day. Be sure to thank anyone you know who has contributed to our freedom.

Well, I should get going- the rack of ribs in my fridge isn’t going to smoke themselves.

– Your Western Heating + Air Family

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Grateful To Our Clients Thank You Utah!
Camille Crowther
Camille Crowther
18:38 16 Oct 21
I care about how I'm treated by the technician and that's why I'll use this company while Ben is employed there. He knows what he is doing with the cleaning of my heater, and and he cares about my feelings as a person while he is there. Thanks!
Wayne Francom
Wayne Francom
03:02 15 Oct 21
Easton was a breath of fresh air. He was confident, efficient and positive. We enjoyed having him check out our furnace.
ryan rymer
ryan rymer
23:58 13 Oct 21
Wesley arrived and did maintenance as well as made sure everything was in working order. He explained some of the issues I had been experiencing and why they were happening. Very knowledgeable and professional. Wesley has been to our house before. When he's done i feel confident and assured that we have been taken care of and have been given sound advice for home maintenance between checkups. Thanks again for the quick response even though I know you guys are so busy.
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