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Would You Want a New AC Unit for only $1299??

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Would You Want a New AC Unit for only $1299??

Imagine something with us for a second.

Your AC unit is broken and you get a bid for one that is only $1299! You’re so grateful you found something so cheap. 

The day of the installation comes, and you let them into the side yard so they can do their thing. They remove the old system and it looks like it’s smooth sailing from here.

Then they come talk to you about a problem that they found with your setup. You’re a little confused because you’ve never had problems before, but you hear them out.

They explain 17 different problems and then tell you that it is going to cost you thousands of dollars more than the other ‘expensive’ bids you got.

You ask to speak to a manager. When you make the call you realize that the manager has no sympathy. He’s not even trying to help you out. He just goes on about company policy. 😒

You’re steaming mad at this point, but it’s the middle of the summer and they already removed your AC unit so you’re stuck and you end up just paying the extra costs.

I could go on and on about how frustrating companies like this are, but I think you get the point.

Contractors like this are what we call “Lowball Louie.”

They give you a crazy low bid, and so you go for it. You forget that price is not the most important thing. 

You end up stuck with workers that don’t seem as detail-oriented. They don’t really explain any details to you or show you what’s going on (until it’s too late)

This is probably one of the worst ways to learn that price is never as important as actually getting the job done right.

At Western Heating + Air, we try to keep our prices as low as we can for you, but we know that there will always be these ‘Lowball Louies’ that will be cheaper.

Here at Western, we understand that we aren’t the cheapest, but we are the best.

We have a 6 year streak winning the “Best of Utah Valley” award. We have industry-best training programs for our technicians. We have a family culture that runs deep.

This is why we are so confident that no one will serve you better.

So next time you’ve got a problem, Call us at (801) 218-2187 and get ready to be blown away…

By the way we treat you. By the way we explain things to you. And ultimately by the way we serve you.

– Your Western Heating + Air Family

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Grateful To Our Clients Thank You Utah!
Laura Maia
Laura Maia
16:30 07 Dec 21
Eaton is a great technician.
Zachary Cole
Zachary Cole
22:03 03 Dec 21
Extremely professional and friendly. Took care of our problems quickly and effectively!
Kazumasa Aoyama
Kazumasa Aoyama
17:53 30 Nov 21
The technician was very knowledgeable and give me good advice. He did a good job checking and tuning up our furnace and water heater.
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