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Air Duct Repair

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Air Duct Repair

Duct Repair in Lehi & Orem, UT

Is your house unevenly heated and cooled? Are your smelling strong odors or mildew in your home? Have you noticed an increase in your home’s energy bills? Do you have an issue with insects or rodents? Your home’s air ducts play a large role in the operation of your heating and cooling as well as your indoor air quality. Allowing an issue with you air ducts to go on too long can result in irreversible damage and expensive repairs.

We know how tricky ductwork can be and we are dedicated to helping you address any issues with your ductwork. At Western Heating & Air, our technicians have the tools and knowledge to help repair and keep your home’s air ducts working as they should.

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Importance of Repairing Your Air Ducts

If you know or suspect that your air ducts require repair, you should have them inspected and repaired right away. Damaged air ducts will only cause more issues as well as drain your energy costs. Leaking air ducts can contribute to a loss of up to 30% of your HVAC system’s air. This can lead to increased energy and repair costs if ignored for too long. There are many things that can cause your air ducts to become damaged and require air duct repair, which is why you should have your air ducts inspected every three to five years.

Signs Your Air Ducts Need To Be Repaired

Generally, your air ducts help transport the air in your home from your HVAC system and go unnoticed until an issue arises. When your air ducts require air duct repair, you may notice the following problems:

  • Your home is heated and cooled unevenly.
  • Your air ducts are full or dirt or debris.
  • You smell mold or mildew from your air ducts.
  • Your air ducts have become infested.

When you notice any of these issues, it is a major indication that your air ducts are damaged and potentially have one or multiple leaks allowing dirt, dust, mold and bugs to infiltrate them. When you get your air ducts repaired, it is also important to have them cleaned so that dirt and debris do not remain inside your air ducts.

Benefits of Getting Your Air Ducts Repaired

Having your air ducts repaired can provide the following benefits:

  • Increased HVAC efficiency.
  • Lower energy costs.
  • Better indoor air quality.

Getting air duct repair also lowers the chance of dust, mold and vermin issues inside your air ducts since leaks and inconsistencies are addressed and fixed.

How to Reduce Air Duct Issues

To reduce the issues you experience with your air ducts, you should have your air ducts inspected and cleaned every few years by a licensed contractor. Having your air duct repair and air duct cleaning done by a professional will ensure that your air duct service is done right. If you have an inexperienced contractor repair or clean your ductwork or you try to attempt to do it yourself, it can lead to more damage to your home’s air ducts.

Why Choose Us?

Western Heating & Air is a family owned company that has been servicing the Utah Valley area since 1995. We provide ourselves in providing our customers with highly quality service. Whether you need an AC repair or air duct repair, we guarantee all of our customers:

  • Highly trained technicians - Our technicians receive thorough training and remain up to date on the latest methods and requirements.
  • Award-winning service - Our company has over a thousand 5-star reviews from our satisfied customers.
  • Convenient hours - We have business hours Monday - Saturday 8AM - 8PM and also offer 24/7 emergency services.

We focus on offering the highest quality of service to all of our customers to ensure that each job is done right. Call us at 801-224-8899 for air duct repair or request an appointment online today!

Grateful To Our Clients Thank You Utah!
Courtenay Stevens
Courtenay Stevens
20:36 23 Feb 22
Tyler and Carter were efficient, helpful, and courteous. They walked us through our new system and explained everything so we could use and maintain the system after they left. Great experience!
Forrest Hale
Forrest Hale
17:26 04 Feb 22
Devante did a good job. I would recommend him.
JB Graham
JB Graham
21:00 03 Feb 22
Brady and LT (and the entire Western Heating & Air Team) have been amazing through a less than ideal scenario. Our outdoor unit with our ductless system was having issues and completely went down on two occasions. Once they figured out the issue, they got a warranty claim in process and quickly got the new unit installed (Brady and LT are true professionals and pros at what they do). Our family feels in good hands with Western Heating and Air, and appreciate all the compassion and hard work to help us through this less than ideal scenario with the problems we had with the outdoor unit. THANK YOU!
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